Event Details:

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: Singapore

Race Dates:

Friday 20th September- Practice

Saturday 21st September- Qualifying

Sunday 22nd September- Race

Other Information:

Location: Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore

Race start time: 20:10 (61 laps)

Circuit Length: 5.063 KM

The Marina Bay Street Circuit represents the cutting edge in Grand Prix™ racing. The power of the sport reverberates around the city as dusk falls and the lights go on. With needle sharp bends, deceptive turns and straights built for speed, watch the cars thunder past.

For sublime after race hedonism, there is the Singapore Amber Lounge where you can retreat and soak up the magic. Dancing in the street is the mood as the energy of the race spills out onto the pavement walkways. The lights of the city glinting in the cool water of the bay against the backdrop of giant skyscrapers create an artist’s dream.

Party the night away in this summer in the city or saunter around in the day, admiring the stunning architecture, unwinding amongst nature reserves and trails. If relaxing in gorgeous restaurants is your preferred way to switch off and let the motors cool then sample the finest and the best in the serene beauty of Singapore.

The street circuit in Singapore is a catch that is made for the Formula One Paddock Club™. This is a world favourite that cannot be outclassed, sitting atop the team garages, sipping Champagne, sampling fine food. Amble down the pit lane and revel in the gift of luxury in the Formula One Paddock Club™ in Singapore. For more information about our Singapore Formula One Paddock Club™ options, please use the links below, or contact Edge Global.

Additional packages offered by Edge Global are the super range of hospitality options. Bars that never shut, buffet dining that goes on forever, a gentle, amicable stroll down the Singapore pit-lane make this an event to remember. The utmost kindness in air conditioned comfort awaits you. For more information about our Singapore F1® Corporate Hospitality options please use the links below, or contact Edge Global.

We have years of experience and have developed excellent relations with the best hotels in the area to afford you the luxury and style you deserve. Enhance your F1 weekend with the options we can give you. Stay in the same hotel as the drivers and team personnel, enjoy the serenity of a spa; let us make it happen. For more information about our 5 star hotel options in Singapore, please see the links below or contact us.